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It started with a question...

Why is fashion so complex? Studies show that the average woman spends around 16 minutes deciding what to wear each day, which amounts to about 4 months of our lives. Women worldwide are desperately searching for a way to look and feel elegant, without wasting time.

That’s why we created MAD/LUVE, to take the confusion out of fashion for busy modern women in the urban landscape. We wanted to do things differently, giving women a way to look like they spent hours getting ready, when they actually spent no more than a few minutes - all without compromising style or comfort.

MAD/LUVE is home to an inspiring range of athleisure womenswear that brings fashion and function under one roof.

Our team members share a deep appreciation for beautiful, functional and timeless garments with attention to detail and our aim is to make busy, modern women lives easier and happier.

MAD/LUVE boldly bridges the gap between activewear and casualwear, transforming the traditional wardrobe by reimagining fashion from the outside in. Like you, we’re obsessed with self-expression, achieved through versatile, playful designs that encourage freedom, flexibility, comfort, and vitality.